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Field Service X Technology

Companies are becoming more aware of how time-consuming and unorganised the
conventional methods are, we are here to introduce an alternative approach to significantly
improve productivity, structure, and revenue. Field services and modern technology are
now united to fully utilise your technicians, satisfy your customers and answer to profitability.

With ShareONE, you can stay connected with your technicians, manage activities and tasks, access your information 24/7/365,
and most importantly, focus on your services and revenue.

Ultimate Features

Smart Optimization

Stop searching travel routes on your own,
Let ShareONE do it for you.


Real-time Information

Receive information of your staff’s activities, location and
schedules anytime from anywhere, 24/7/365.

Automatic Calculation

ShareONE automatically calculates not just tasks and activities
but also travel time for thousands of employees.


Flexible and Fast

Oversee and schedule every activity and task
as quickly as needed. Rearrange the schedules and
settings to your own liking at the same time.

Employee Detail Integration

ShareONE remembers all of your employees’ information
to make your management and scheduling more efficient.


All-you-need Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard for you to control and
schedule everything at ease.

Enterpreise-quality FSM at the Lowest Cost

Get all the functions and features you desire at a fraction of the current market price.
Please feel free to contact us about our Pricing.